The search features of the Global Lighting Map are designed to allow for the easiest possible access to the sought-after information. The Map allows for searches by policy or technology through the search window found at the bottom of the map, or by the selection of a specific country.
Policy or Technology Approach

  1. Select Search by Policy or Search by Technology
    1.  Search by Policy opens the search window allowing for the selection of a specific technology you want to display on the map from the list provided (i.e. minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), supporting policies, etc.).
    2.  Search by Technology opens the search window allowing for the selection of a specific light source you wish to display on the map from the list provided (i.e. incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, etc.).
  2.  Country Results
    1. All countries matching your search criteria will be displayed in alphabetical order within the country results window as well as highlighted on the map. Selection of a country by either method will open the Country Profile box providing the information specific to your search.
  3.  New Search
    1.  To perform a new search, click the New Search tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. This selection will clear your previous search criteria.

Geographic Approach
To search by country, simply select the Access Country tab and chose from the drop down menu which opens below. Countries can also be selected by clicking their location on the map.

The Country Lighting Assessments are a series of national reports that quantify the energy, financial and CO2 savings associated with a transition to energy-efficient technologies. Countries on the map that appear in dark green have assessment reports for both on-grid and off-grid installations. Countries that are light green only have on-grid assessments. Countries which are white have not yet had their assessments completed.
The methodologies that describe how the national estimates for on-grid and off-grid installations can be found by clicking on these links:

  1. On-Grid Country Lighting Assessment Methodology
  2. Off-Grid Country Lighting Assessment Methodology

After selecting the “Country Lighting Assessment” tab at the bottom of the Global Lighting Map page, the map will change to show all the dark and light green countries. In addition, a list of countries in alphabetical order with the national flags will also appear. Users can access the information either by clicking on the country on the map or by clicking on the country name in the area under the selected tab.
After selecting a country, a new window will open containing the on-grid country lighting assessment and (if available) the off-grid. Users can toggle between the two reports by clicking on the tabs on the left of that newly opened window. The reports can then be printed, downloaded or made full screen by clicking on the toolbar that appears when the reports have finished loading into your browser window.