To facilitate the accessibility of information on efficient lighting policies and practices from around the world, the UNEP en.lighten initiative has developed a web-based interactive tool to guide users through relevant data and efficient lighting practices.

The Global Lighting Map provides an overview of energy efficient lighting policies in over 150 countries around the world. The detailed information highlights national lighting policies aimed at the phase-out of inefficient lighting in all sectors and their replacement with energy efficient lighting products, and includes: standards, supporting policies, product quality control activities, end-of-life programmes and existing efficient lighting initiatives.

Information presented in the Map is compiled from a variety of reports, databases, web-based information, and specific enquiries with official authorities. Due to its intuitive interface, the Map allows interested users to easily access sought-after data. It allows for searches by policy or technology, or by the selection of a specific country. In conjunction with the Country Lighting Assessments, the efficient lighting interactive Map offers an up-to-date, comprehensive, and user-friendly picture of the status of efficient lighting worldwide.

The Map also includes a tab to search Country Lighting Assessments (CLAs). The CLAs estimate the savings potential of a country from the phase-in of energy efficient lighting. These assessments consider savings potentials for the on-grid lighting and off-grid lighting markets, in countries that have a high number of off-grid end users. For more detailed information, including energy savings, financial and climate change mitigation benefits, please go to http://www.enlighten-initiative.org/ResourcesTools/CountryLightingAssessments/WhataretheCountryLightingAssessments.aspx